What Are Real Patients Saying About The StimRouter System?

Below are videos and stories of real patients who want to share their StimRouter experience with others.

Meet Joe.

"I had my stroke 14 years ago and suffered from Post-Stroke Chronic Shoulder Pain. I tried anything to help with the pain. Before Stimrouter, I would say my pain went off the scale— above a ten for sure— because my pain was really bad. Sometimes it hurt to breathe. Now with the help of StimRouter, my pain is only a 2 or 3 at most." Click here to download Joe's story.

Additional Resources

A Novel Implantable Peripheral Nerve Stimulator for Post-Stroke Shoulder Pain

Recently presented clinical data (Porter McRoberts, MD of Holy Cross Hospital, North American Neuromodulation Society, 1/20/17) reported an average 70% pain reduction in Post-Stroke Shoulder Pain in seven patients implanted at four different clinical centers.

Meet Nadege.

"I had pain in both my shoulders but we decided to try StimRouter for my left shoulder because the pain was really bad. Now I can move around and exercise my arm without any problem—I cannot complain. Before the procedure my pain was a 9 or 10 but now my pain has dropped perfectly." Click here to download Nadege's story.

Meet Julie.

"StimRouter gave her a second wind; before this we were talking about amputation, really seriously debating it. It's a long road no matter what, but at least now there's a light at the end of the tunnel." Click here to download Julie's story.

Meet Walter.

"Before StimRouter I couldn't put my arm up over my head because the pain was too intense. Now I can get it over my head. I even noticed I have some carry over pain relief when I'm not wearing my StimRouter." Click here to download Walter's story.

Meet Kaye.

"I was surprised as to how well the StimRouter worked. It was a life-saver. When you're an active person like I am and all of a sudden your body doesn't work and you're in constant pain, it's very tough. Now, I don't have pain anymore." Click here to download Kaye's story.

Meet Lucina.

"It was amazing. When the doctor turned it on, the pain went away and now all I feel is a slight tingling from my shoulder. Now I can move my arm, lift it, and do exercises with the help of my therapist and the pain is totally gone." Click here to download Lucina's story.