Jennifer’s Story

StimRouter for chronic foot pain

Meet Jennifer

StimRouter for chronic foot pain

For Jennifer, the solution to one problem created an even more complex problem. Surgery to remove a bunion left her in a years-long battle with debilitating foot pain. Jennifer tried to find relief through additional surgical procedures and medication. Nothing worked, however, and she struggled to continue waitressing at a military base—a job she enjoyed deeply.

Because of the pain, Jennifer’s relationships with her family and friends deteriorated, she had trouble sleeping, and she cut back on favorite activities such as landscaping, bicycling, and walking her dog. And due to her husband’s work-related travel, Jennifer sometimes had to rely on help from others when he was away.

Despite these challenges, Jennifer refused to give up. Her determination paid off during an appointment with Alexander M. Spiess, MD, a peripheral nerve injury specialist at Pittsburgh Hand and Nerve. Dr. Spiess recommended that Jennifer try StimRouter. It made all the difference in her life.

Since receiving the device, Jennifer has a renewed sense of hope. Her relationships are on the mend, she is able to enjoy her waitressing work again, and she is thrilled to be back to gardening, walking, and living a nearly pain-free life.