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Introducing the Next Generation of StimRouter

Adults suffering with chronic pain can continue to experience the proven pain relief they are accustomed to receiving from StimRouter, but with several new technological advancements to improve the user experience.

  • Mobile application for iPhone and Android to replace the handheld Patient Programmer
  • Buttons on the E-EFC unit to manually turn the system on, off, up, and down
  • Water resistance (IP68 rating) to improve system durability
  • Improved battery, with longer battery life than the existing StimRouter

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Learn how StimRouter can provide measurable benefits to your practice and patients.

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Learn how the StimRouter PNS system targets the source of pain symptoms without drugs used for chronic pain or significantly invasive surgery.

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What Patients Say About StimRouter

According to a recent survey of 133 StimRouter patients, representing experience with 17 different peripheral nerves:1

  • 88% of patients continue to actively use StimRouter to treat their chronic pain after one year
  • 76% are satisfied with their device, and almost 40% extremely satisfied
  • A majority of patients report at least a 50% increase in activity level after their StimRouter implant

Survey Results (PDF)

Highlights from the StimRouter Randomized Controlled Trial1


50% of the treatment group rated their satisfaction 8 or higher on a 10-point scale


53% of the treatment group rated improvements to their quality of life between 5 and 7 on a 7-point scale


31% of the treatment group rated their satisfaction a 10 on a 10-point scale


Learn how StimRouter PNS provides relief to people suffering with chronic pain
Note: Individual results may vary. Consult your doctor to see if StimRouter is right for you.
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    StimRouter for chronic leg pain

    Life is fabulous now. I have minimal pain. I know how to take care of it now with my device. Life has turned…

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    StimRouter for chronic wrist pain

    I knew it would do something and alleviate some of the pain. I didn’t realize it would work as much and as…

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    StimRouter for debilitating pain

    I was surprised as to how well the StimRouter worked. It was a life-saver. When you’re an active person…

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    StimRouter for chronic foot pain

    I was pain-free for the first time in 13 years. And I’ve been pain-free since … My quality of life is back.

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  • Chris’ Story

    StimRouter for chronic leg pain

    … I’ve felt such a relief in my pain, that now I can walk comfortably again. When my wife and I start a…

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Incorporating StimRouter PNS into your Practice

Incorporating StimRouter PNS into your practice

StimRouter provides a measurable benefit to your practice and patients. Learn how you can connect patients to a less invasive neuromodulation treatment that’s reimbursed by Medicare and most private payers.
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