Kaye’s Story

StimRouter for debilitating pain

Kaye Received StimRouter for Chronic PainStimRouter was an easy solution for Kaye’s overwhelming pain

I had been suffering from chronic pain for over a year and a half. I couldn’t sit. I couldn’t walk. My pain was normally a 7 out of 10, peaking at a 9/10 three times a day and I had to lay down. Even then, my pain only went down to a 5/10.

One doctor recommended cortisone injections and I didn’t want to do that because of my feelings about the risks. I stuck with physical therapy and it was painful, but it at least allowed me to function. After the StimRouter implant, I did continue physical therapy for other pain, but I didn’t need therapy anymore for the specific location the StimRouter was treating. I also didn’t need as much pain medication.

The short surgery came with an easy recovery. Placing the patches on my skin over the implant and External Pulse Generator was easy. It’s like getting a new watch where you just learn how to use it.

Before the StimRouter, I was having a hard time sitting and walking. After the implant, there was an 80% to 90% increase in my mobility.

Now, I don’t need to wear the StimRouter every day. I use it for six hours every other day to control my pain. I was surprised as to how well the StimRouter worked. It was a lifesaver. When you’re an active person like I am and all of a sudden your body doesn’t work and you’re in constant pain, it’s very tough. Now, I don’t have pain anymore.

Chronic pain does work against your psyche, to the point of depression, with not being able to move and being in constant pain. I’m so mobile now and constantly busy.