Shirley’s Story

StimRouter for chronic leg pain

Shirley Received StimRouter PNS for her Chronic Leg PainBack in stride now that StimRouter eliminated her chronic leg pain

I had chronic pain in my legs for nine months. My pain was a 10 out of 10 before the implant and after I got StimRouter, my pain was gone. I have no pain now.

When I first learned about StimRouter, I was getting injections that lasted about four days and the pain would come back. My doctor told me about StimRouter and I was ready to try it, because the pain in my legs was so bad.

I was a little scared before the procedure, but everyone was so nice and the implant procedure was fine. They showed me how to use it and we talked about how the system works and it was easy to operate the system after that. It really is easy and it’s been wonderful for me. I turn the StimRouter on for three hours at a time, twice per day, and the pain relief lasts the entire day. When I take it off, the pain relief still lasts. It’s working well for me.

It’s working so wonderfully on my right leg — I’m going to ask the doctor for another one on my left leg. Before the StimRouter, my leg was so bad and it was difficult to walk but after the StimRouter I walked about two miles with my daughter and she said, “Mama, I’m so glad this works for you and now I’m going to need to work hard to keep up with you.” 

I would recommend StimRouter to anybody that has the chronic pain problems that I’ve had with my legs. I’m fine now and it’s been really good for me.