Walter’s Story

StimRouter for chronic shoulder pain

Walter Received StimRouter PNS for Chronic Shoulder PainNow that StimRouter has alleviated his chronic shoulder pain, he can reach higher

After my stroke, I had left-side paralysis and an “untouchable” shoulder due to pain. I was in rehabilitation for about five weeks. I was able to start walking with a cane, but my shoulder was so painful that I couldn’t do much rehab with it. I tried taking pain medication, but it didn’t help. It just didn’t work for my pain.

One day, I was introduced to the StimRouter and I started to get excited; I was excited about the thought of exercising my arm without pain.

Without hesitation, I went for it. The procedure was completely painless for me and didn’t take long; the prep time seemed more intense than the actual surgery. 

Two weeks after the implant, I went back and they removed the single stitch left from the procedure over the implant site. 

I will say ever since I’ve had the StimRouter, my pain has been reduced significantly. I’m getting some good return from it— to the point I can now exercise my arm! Before StimRouter, I couldn’t put my arm up over my head, because the pain was too intense. Now, I can get it over my head.

I even noticed I have some carryover pain relief when I’m not wearing my StimRouter. I have been working with my occupational therapist at putting both of my hands up over my head at the same time.

I’m sure I will find more things I can do now that my pain is reduced, so I’ll have to try them and find out — even things like getting something off a high shelf with my left hand or pulling my arm up by itself. 

I would recommend StimRouter for anyone in my position needing relief for their chronic pain. My plan is to keep going and gain more mobility. I can say I am much happier with StimRouter — it takes away my pain.