Arielle’s Story

StimRouter for neuralgia

Arielle Received StimRouter PNS for NeuralgiasStimRouter helped Arielle get on her feet again — and work 12-hour shifts

Arielle first began experiencing chronic pain in her leg about 10 years ago. After being diagnosed with neuralgia, she tried numerous options. While some of these treatments were initially effective, the relief didn’t last.

Because Arielle is a nurse, she didn’t want to use pain medications, for fear they would impact her work. To overcome the pain, she would apply ice whenever she could — as frequently as every 15 minutes.

After the implant of the StimRouter system, Arielle experienced immediate relief. And with continued use of StimRouter, she’s able to be on her feet for 12-hours shifts as a nurse.

Once it was turned on, I stood up in my doctor’s office and the pain was gone. I was standing barefoot in the office and it wasn’t hurting anymore. And it was like a light bulb turned on. ‘Oh my God, I don’t have pain anymore’ – something I waited 10 years to finally feel. It was incredible.”