Nadege’s Story

StimRouter for post-stroke shoulder pain

Nadege Received StimRouter PNS for Post-stroke Shoulder Pain StimRouter provides relief for shoulder pain

I first suffered a stroke in 2012 that affected my right side and then a few years later I had one that affected my left side. Ever since then my left shoulder has been in horrible pain and I suffer headaches and back pain. I was doing Botox and getting injections every two weeks for the pain, as well as constantly taking pain killers. 

One day, my pain management doctor introduced me to StimRouter. He was very kind in explaining the product to me but I was scared initially. I even left his clinic saying “no” to the procedure but then I thought to myself, “take a chance, you have to try it,” so I turned around and went back in the door and said, “please schedule me.” 

I had pain in both my shoulders but we decided to try StimRouter for my left shoulder because the pain was really bad. I received my StimRouter implant in August and I was very happy to get it done. At the beginning when I put it on it was strong but then, after the settings were adjusted, it was perfect! 

I can move around and exercise my arm without any problem—I cannot complain. Before the procedure, my pain was a 9 or 10 but now my pain has dropped perfectly.

I still take pain killers but they are for my headaches, back pain and my right shoulder. I have no complaints about my left shoulder. My daughter puts the StimRouter on my arm for me and she said it’s easy—she took pictures when I got home from my initial procedure so she knows exactly how to put it on. 

When I have it on, my pain is gone and sometimes I feel a small, comfortable vibration. I usually wear it for 4 to 5 hours then I have a break for a few hours and only put it back on if my pain goes above a 2. Overall, I would recommend StimRouter to anybody with chronic pain. My doctor and I are even discussing it for my other shoulder. You have to be willing to try. If it helped me, it can help someone else.