Maria’s Story

StimRouter for chronic knee pain

Meet Maria

StimRouter for chronic knee pain

For years, Maria battled a rare pain disorder that affected her knees. Over the years, she endured multiple knee replacement surgeries and lost weight to try easing the pain. Those efforts improved her mobility but only intensified her pain. An accomplished trumpet player, she had to stop performing with a competitive Drum and Bugle Corps and fell into a deep depression.

The debilitating knee pain made working and accomplishing daily tasks nearly impossible. She hated to rely on pain medications, and other treatment options made very little difference. Her family noticed a change, too; she was quieter than normal because she was simply learning to live with the pain.

After so much time searching for answers, Maria finally received a diagnosis of complex regional pain syndrome. As she considered different treatment options, Maria’s physician recommended StimRouter. She decided it was worth a try. So, Maria had the minimally invasive procedure to implant the StimRouter lead—and within moments of turning on the device, she felt relief like she hadn’t experienced in decades.

With a second chance at life, Maria has set her sights on a bucket list of experiences, beginning with performing in a national competition with her beloved Drum and Bugle Corps. Thanks to her physician, her StimRouter, and her own determination, Maria has the rhythm back in her life.