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Targeted Pain Relief with StimRouter PNS

Targeted pain relief

The StimRouter® PNS system targets the source of your pain symptoms without drugs used for chronic pain or significantly invasive surgery. StimRouter might be right for you if you are an adult with chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin, excluding pain in the craniofacial region.

How does StimRouter PNS treat pain?

How StimRouter Works

Features of the StimRouter PNS procedure

  • Minimally invasive outpatient procedure
  • Gives you control over your pain
  • Proven to deliver significant pain relief2
  • External, wearable stimulator and patient programmer puts you in control of your pain management
  • Improves activity, reduces opioid consumption, and improves overall quality of life2
  • Non-drug, reversible, long-term solution
Patients Prefer StimRouter PNS

What Patients Say About StimRouter

Key findings from a recent survey of 133 StimRouter patients representing experience with 17 different peripheral nerves:1

  • 88% of patients continue to actively use StimRouter to treat their chronic pain after one year.
  • 76% said that they are satisfied with their device
  • A majority of patients reported at least a 50% increase in activity level after beginning their StimRouter treatment

Survey Results (PDF)

Patient stories

Listen to real StimRouter patients tell how their StimRouter implant changed their lives.

Individual results may vary. Consult with your doctor to see if StimRouter is right for you.
  • Linda’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic leg pain

    Life is fabulous now. I have minimal pain. I know how to take care of it now with my device. Life has turned…

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  • Felicia’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic wrist pain

    I knew it would do something and alleviate some of the pain. I didn’t realize it would work as much and as…

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  • Chris’ Story

    StimRouter for chronic leg pain

    … I’ve felt such a relief in my pain, that now I can walk comfortably again. When my wife and I start a…

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  • Dr. Rottenberg’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic foot pain

    I was pain-free for the first time in 13 years. And I’ve been pain-free since … My quality of life is back.

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  • Arielle’s Story

    StimRouter for neuralgia

    Once it was turned on, I stood up in my doctor’s office and the pain was gone. I was standing barefoot in…

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  • Kaye’s Story

    StimRouter for debilitating pain

    I was surprised as to how well the StimRouter worked. It was a life-saver. When you’re an active person…

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  • Lucina’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic shoulder pain

    It was amazing. When the doctor turned it on, the pain went away and now all I feel is a…

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  • Anna’s Story

    StimRouter for peripheral neuropathy

    I’m finally feeling what a normal, healthy person should be feeling … It has definitely helped me get back into…

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  • Walter’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic shoulder pain

    Before StimRouter, I couldn’t put my arm up over my head because the pain was too intense. Now I…

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  • Shirley’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic leg pain

    Before the StimRouter, my leg was so bad and it was difficult to walk, but after the StimRouter, I walked…

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  • Nadege’s Story

    StimRouter for post-stroke shoulder pain

    I had pain in both my shoulders, but we decided to try StimRouter for my left shoulder, because the pain…

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  • Michael’s Story

    StimRouter for hemiplegic shoulder pain

    I’m amazed at how much mobility has returned and I’m looking forward to seeing my family over the…

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  • Lenore’s Story

    StimRouter for post-surgery knee pain

    I recommend StimRouter to everybody … are you kidding me? It saved my life. I didn’t want to get up…

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  • Joe’s Story

    StimRouter for chronic shoulder pain

    I had my stroke 14 years ago and suffered from post-stroke chronic shoulder pain. I tried anything to help with the…

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  • Julie’s Story

    StimRouter for post-stroke pain

    StimRouter gave her a second wind; before this, we were talking about amputation, really seriously debating it. It’s a long road no…

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Rx Only. The StimRouter Neuromodulation System is indicated for pain management in adults who have severe intractable chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin, as an adjunct to other modes of therapy (e.g. medications). The StimRouter is not intended to treat pain in the craniofacial region. StimRouter is contraindicated in patients who have any active implanted device such as an implanted demand cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator, or metallic implant in the immediate area intended for implant. For complete instructions for use, storage, warnings, indications, contraindications, precautions, adverse reactions and disclaimer of warranties, please refer to the insert accompanying each product or online at