Chris’ Story

StimRouter for chronic leg pain

Chris received StimRouter PNS for chronic leg painStimRouter is the right size for managing his chronic pain

I had an accident at work 7 years ago and ended up having a knife hit me in the outer lower left leg, cutting through my nerves and muscles. They glued the skin together, but didn’t recognize the nerve damage right away, so it ended up becoming permanent before they found it.

I could barely walk because I was in so much pain from the nerve and muscle not healing correctly. I tried all types of pain medications, nerve blocks and spinal nerve blocks, but nothing seemed to give me good pain relief.

I then tried having a spinal cord stimulation system implanted, which helped relieve some of my pain at first. However, the implanted battery itself is sitting on a muscle and I’m thin, so it hits my back muscles and sticks out. I started feeling the stimulation vibrating in my hipbone and it was very uncomfortable.

One day my doctor told me about StimRouter. I received my StimRouter implant earlier this year in January and ever since then, I’ve felt such a relief in my pain that now I can walk comfortably again.

It has been working so great and is a lot easier on my body than the spinal cord stimulator. I’m looking forward to getting my spinal cord stimulation system removed because I haven’t even needed to use it since I got the StimRouter.

StimRouter is really easy to use, a little sleeker, and much smaller. It’s also easier to go out places wearing the StimRouter, plus I can wear it whenever I want.

I’m excited to start doing fun activities that I couldn’t do before or that spinal cord stimulation systems warn you against. When my wife and I start a family, I’m happy to know I’ll be able to be more active with them. One thing I was always worried about was not being able to hold my kids because of the pain, but now I won’t have to worry. I can be the friend, husband and dad that I want to be without limitations.