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Small system. Big impact.

The StimRouter PNS neuromodulation system is a permanent option that provides clinically proven relief for chronic peripheral pain.

StimRouter PNS Lead

The Implanted Lead

A small lead is implanted during a minimally invasive outpatient procedure.

External Pulse Transmitter (EPT)

External Pulse Transmitter (EPT) and Disposable User Patch

The EPT delivers electrical signals through the skin to the implanted StimRouter lead. The EPT can store up to eight custom stimulation programs. The EPT attaches into the disposable user patch, transmitting stimulation through the patch’s gel electrodes.  

Patient Programmer

After the implant procedure and initial programming, patients are empowered to manage their symptoms by using a wireless external programmer.

Adaptable design. Consistent results. 

The StimRouter Neuromodulation System targets the source of your patients’ symptoms: the nerves. Because of its small profile, the StimRouter system can be implanted in various locations, depending on patient needs. In one clinical study, StimRouter was implanted in 19 different locations.3


Applications for chronic pain include:

  • The upper or lower limbs
  • Entrapment syndromes
  • Intercostal neuralgias
  • Other peripheral injuries or diseases

StimRouter PNS Patient Selection

The StimRouter System is designed to empower patients to live their best life with complete control of their pain management treatment. Consider StimRouter for patients: 

  • Unable to find relief with initial treatment options
  • Desiring a more permanent option 
  • Wish to eliminate or reduce the use of medications
  • Not a candidate for major surgery
  • Wish to avoid invasive surgery
  • Eager to take an active role in the management of their symptoms