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Our commitment to training

We are committed to clinician education to help implanters deliver exceptional patient outcomes in peripheral nerve stimulation. To that end, we were the first to partner with the World Academy of Pain Medicine United (WAPMU) to perform hands-on implant training as well as feature training videos and procedural planning tools to implanters.


Below are some of our training materials to help you familiarize yourself with StimRouter and prepare for your next case. For additional information, please contact us at 800-211-9136.

PNS Training Videos

Videos by peripheral nerve — 16 nerves implanted on cadavers with ultrasound, narrated by WAPMU faculty members.

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Planning Resource

Guidance for physicians detailing relevant anatomy and pre- and post-operative planning for commonly implanted peripheral nerves.

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PNS Certification

Learn more about becoming a PNS-certified surgeon.

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PNS Training Events

We sponsor StimRouter PNS trainings all over the world.

Upcoming Workshops

Peripheral Nerve Stimulation: From Torpedo Fish to StimRouter

A brief history of peripheral nerve stimulation from its origins to present day.

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Presentation: StimRouter PNS Technical Overview

A brief overview of the StimRouter PNS Neuromodulation System.

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BIoness is a Proud Supporter of WAPMU

A proud supporter of the World Academy of Pain Medicine United