Dr. Rottenberg’s Story

StimRouter for chronic foot pain

Dr. Fabienne Rottenberg Received StimRouter PNS for Nerve EntrapmentAfter 13 years of chronic pain related to nerve entrapment, Dr. Fabienne Rottenberg finally has relief

A private practice physician, Dr. Rottenberg became injured during a ski accident, resulting in nerve damage. She tried many different types of treatment options, including surgeries and medications, but nothing helped and her quality of life was deteriorating. It was a long journey, but when she received the StimRouter, she finally found a treatment that worked for her.

I was pain-free for the first time in 13 years. And, I’ve been pain-free since … My quality of life is back.”

To hear more about Dr. Rottenberg’s story, listen to the conversation she had with two other StimRouter patients.