Lenore’s Story

StimRouter for post-surgery knee pain

Lenore Received StimRouter PNS for Post-Surgery Knee PainBack to traveling, now that StimRouter fixed her post-surgery knee pain

Lenore had bad knee pain before and after two knee replacements. “When I moved or had to get up and down, you could hear me groaning and see me dragging my leg when I tried to walk. I would say my pain level was an 8 to 9 out of 10. I had a total of three surgeries in four years. The first was a knee replacement accompanied by nerve blocks and nerve ablation. I was prescribed prescription opioids, but they stopped prescribing them to me after a while and I didn’t want to sit around crying. I had to do something. I never had better than 70% range of motion … it was hell.” 

Lenore considered a third knee replacement, but backed out because there was nothing wrong with the existing knee implant. After four years and multiple surgeries, she still didn’t have the ability to lead an active life.

I couldn’t just give up, sit, and watch other people live. I was at the end of my rope when I found Dr. Ross and the StimRouter, so I said, ‘I’m in.’” 

After her StimRouter programming session, Lenore got up and walked immediately. She reported, “It was like a miracle. I got back into physical therapy and my life is so much better now.”

Today, Lenore enjoys being pain-free and consistently uses the StimRouter during daily activities. In addition, her walking ability has improved while the device is on.

“When it’s off, I can’t walk right. I have to drag my leg again.”

During a recent vacation in Spain, Lenore and her husband walked 4.3 miles. “It was amazing! Before the StimRouter, I had to put all my travel on hold. I couldn’t go with the tour group, because I couldn’t keep up with my leg dragging and my cane. I couldn’t even join a neighborhood walking group. Now I can walk without a cane and am back to traveling.” 

She notes, “I recommend StimRouter to everybody … are you kidding me? It saved my life. I didn’t want to get up anymore. It’s a horrible, horrible thing being an invalid. Now, I have a life again.”