Jeff’s Story

StimRouter for chronic arm pain

Meet Jeff

StimRouter for chronic arm pain

After 32 years driving tractor trailers, Jeff was standing at the back of his truck one day when a 300-pound skid fell on him. In time, his four broken ribs healed without complications. However, his hands later began to feel numb, and he was diagnosed with a crushed nerve in his shoulder. Surgery seemed to resolve that issue, but additional shoulder problems occurred and required more surgeries. Finally, one of Jeff’s hands went completely numb.

Unable to grip or lift, Jeff had trouble doing his job and living the life he wanted: fishing, playing ball with his grandson, or helping out around the house.

After years of struggling, Jeff met Elias B. Rizk, MD, a peripheral nerve surgeon with Penn State Health. After assessing the situation, Dr. Rizk concluded that one of Jeff’s nerves wasn’t “firing” correctly and suggested StimRouter. As a test, Dr. Rizk stimulated the affected nerve for an hour—and Jeff felt his hand coming back to life. He quickly scheduled the minimally invasive procedure to implant the StimRouter lead, which proved to be quick and easy; Jeff’s implant appointment was at 7 AM, and by 8:30 AM he was enjoying breakfast at a nearby diner.

Since receiving the device, Jeff has experienced a dramatic reduction in his pain and numbness, and the only medication he takes is a low-dose aspirin, as needed. He can again do everyday activities, such as fishing and playing ball with his grandson. Jeff plans to use StimRouter as long as he needs it, since it has made a night-and-day difference in his life.

“The StimRouter makes me feel like a kid in a candy store. It has given me all kinds of hand strength that I had previously lost. Muskie fishing and throwing a ball with my grandson are things that I was fearful of having to give up. I think StimRouter should be applauded, it has allowed me to do both.” — Jeff, StimRouter user