Crystal’s Story

StimRouter for chronic leg pain

Meet Crystal

StimRouter for chronic leg pain

For nearly a decade, Crystal lived with chronic pain in her legs and back caused, in part, by nerve damage. Surgeries and other therapies helped to a point, but she had to learn to live with the remaining pain. Then, one day, her stepson accidentally kicked her ankle as he fell down the stairs. This caused additional nerve damage and suddenly, she couldn’t walk, navigate stairs, or even wear shoes without excruciating pain.

Wary of opioids, Crystal tried to get by with treatments such as over-the-counter pain medicine, rest, and cortisone injections. Still, she could not walk or go to work. She became confined to her home and began to question whether she wanted to go on living in such pain.

Finally, Crystal’s husband suggested that she make an appointment with Pascal Scemama de Gialluly, MD, of UMass Memorial Health. Dr. Scemama told her about StimRouter, and Crystal agreed to try it. Almost immediately after she began using the device, she felt relief from her pain.

Now, Crystal loves the freedom of being able to leave the house, go up and down stairs easily, and enjoy favorite activities. If she’s going to have an active day, such as going for a bike ride, she just turns on her StimRouter and she’s on her way!

“This device has helped me manage my chronic pain and the pain isn’t holding me back from living my life anymore.” — Crystal, StimRouter user