Empowering patients

The StimRouter System is designed to accommodate patients who have an active lifestyle and to empower them with complete control of their pain management treatment.

StimRouter is the only implantable neuromodulation device currently marketed for adults with chronic pain of peripheral nerve origin.

Applications may include chronic pain conditions located at or relating to:
• The upper or lower limbs
• Entrapment syndromes
• Intercostal neuralgias
• Other peripheral injuries or diseases


StimRouter expands the boundaries of neuromodulation by offering the following features:

  • Targets pain at its origin
  • Minimally invasive implant
  • Quick and easy to program
  • Designed for long-term implantation
  • Designed to reduce lead migration
  • Enhances access to numerous peripheral nerves
  • Small low-profile externally worn rechargeable power source

External Pulse Transmitter (EPT) and Disposable User Patch

The EPT is the “brains” of the StimRouter System, sending electrical signals through the skin to the implanted StimRouter lead. The EPT can store up to eight custom stimulation programs and provide patients with a variety of treatment options depending on their activity and/or pain level. The EPT attaches into the disposable user patch, transmitting stimulation through the patch’s gel electrodes.

Patient Programmer

Small and unobtrusive, the patient programmer easily fits inside the hand or the pocket and is designed to go everywhere your patient goes. A wireless connection between the patient programmer and EPT allows patients to easily turn stimulation on/off, increase/decrease stimulation intensity, and select from up to eight stored, custom stimulation programs. The patient programmer display allows patients to monitor and manage their stimulation programs and level of stimulation intensity.

Programming the Pain Away

The StimRouter’s programming system is designed to be simple and intuitive. The user interface features simple navigation and easy to use buttons, tabs and drop-down menus.

The clinician programmer stores patient stimulation information and usage data for easy retrieval and analysis.