The Bioness Leadership Team

  • Todd Cushman

    President and Chief Executive Officer

    Todd has over 35 years of healthcare experience developing and commercializing pioneering technology. During his career, he has created over $4+ billion in shareholder value through strategic mergers and acquisitions. Previous experience includes Medtronic, Baxter, and co-founder of Acumed.

  • Keith McBride

    Executive Vice President and Chief Technology Officer

    During his 20 years in the healthcare industry, Keith has held a variety of roles including clinician and researcher. Of particular note, Keith has led the development of neuromodulation for the treatment of pain and paralysis. Keith previously worked at Johns Hopkins, University of Maryland, and Medstar.

  • Philip Ranker

    Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer

    Phil’s finance and accounting leadership span more than 30 years, primarily in the pharmaceutical industry. Previous experience includes Marina Biotech, Amylin Pharmaceutical, and Aventis.

  • George Gardiner

    Chief Commercial Officer

    For over 30 years, George has created and developed world-class commercial management teams for the healthcare industry. Previous experience includes US Surgical, Daniels Health, and Cyberonics.

  • Rusty Page

    Vice President, Operations and Quality

    Rusty’s career includes more than 15 years of information technology, quality, and operational management leadership. Rusty has developed deep expertise in ERP and CRM system optimization, product procurement, manufacturing, and quality system optimization.